Wednesday, July 30

  Just one of them days

by Engineer on Wed 30 Jul 2008 15:12 BST

Well the day started quite well, I  fitted the half shafts that Ive just put new bearings and seals on, and fitted the brake
shoes that Ive just relined, you can see why


I went to center the shoes in the hubs and you guessed it ,  the nuts on the pivot pins had rusted solid and I mean solid even with heat they where solid, I BROKE two . two foot breaker bars in the process, Ah ho, Ive now got a really posh crow bar

before and after I might make something else out of the other one,
Any way at this point I looked at the nut and smiled and showed it the DEATH LEVER on the back of the oxi touch     ha ha ha ,your time is up you you you 30mm nut you , and so it was , it died with a little hiss as it hit a little pool of oil on the floor ,
and I SORTED THE REST WITH A HAMMER . and now there as good as new and the brakes work nicely
And now

The front wheel bearing on the other hand , has any one ever notice their are two different bearing sizes for the big inner bearing on the front axle, 1 is 30.2 mm  ( TINKON  bearing numbers outer 15250 and inner 15118) and the other is (PEER  31.8 mm  outer 15245  inner 15123 ) , anyway now we have found some the boss is off on her travels to pick them up , The one i had where wrong even tho it says on the pack

see it says on tractor

there you go right tractor wrong bearings
now coils get a bit hot just look at this its wax that as come out of the coil

some times they do go bang!



Friday, July 25

  Poor little tractor

by Engineer on Fri 25 Jul 2008 13:21 BST

Jeff again ,


Today Thursday

I took the engine off the TEF 20 one to see what had gone on in side it. When it came in it was a non runner as I said , some of the valve clearances had closed up and the timing was out mainly due to the cam chain being totally shot , what I could not tell is how much the timing was out by or if the chain had jumped a tooth all i do know is this engine would spin over like you would not believe almost like the decompression lever was down and holding the valves open anyway I removed the engine and had a good look round it the fly wheel and clutch  were covered in oil

which means the rear crank seal was leaking  and then I removed the head and low and behold contact between the valves and pistons had taken place

luckily only glancing blows but enough to just mark the pistons

just at that moment the owner pulled up with the remains of another TEF 20 after a quick inspection this block was cracked to full star pattern , so off we went back in side to have a look at the crack in his block after a bit of chipping with a chisel i got out the grinder with a wire brush on it and cleaned off the filler another full star pattern covered up with filler not a pretty sight

anyway after a chat with the owner he went on his way back home , so his engine stands waiting

proper bloke to and he as some nice toys and plays off road in the mud, so I got on the phone few phone to some very nice people , then I  had to repair a old finger mower which was a nice change , after a quick bit of work on the lathe and a bit of welding took a hour all together it went off home to Kings Lynn to do some work



then the phone rang and yes I have you a block good sir it will be here today Friday THE BOSS has gone to pick it up with a few other things , any today Ive already got the starter motor done for the FE35 and got that going and now Ive got to sort out it hydraulics they are very shuddery

nice little red tractor can now stand in the sun for a bit to let the oil soak in to its joints after a drive round
of course , right thats it more work now back soon



Wednesday, July 23

  Its all gone MAD

by Engineer on Wed 23 Jul 2008 16:43 BST

Hello it's me again Jeff.

Its all gone totally mad here- tractors coming out of the wood work. The TEF engine I was doing is done and gone back to it's owner with new pistons, liners, big ends, mains, crank grind, new valves and springs, and the seats re- machined ,and god knows what else.This is when I was doing the timing. The screw driver locates in a hole for 30 degrees BTDC but be careful. Ive found some engines where it shows TDC. Check to see where the key way is on the crank. It should be right at the bottom for TDC and just before for 30 degrees. Any way back to stuff...

 And now I've got another one to do. This one came in a non runner. I've all ready had a quick look in it and found the cam chain totally shot , even with the tension on full it was still cutting the case.

Anyway after a quick fiddle with it , THE CAM  CHAIN TENSIONER  that is, and re timed the engine and done the spill timing and the tappets and reset the valve compressor, it now runs in a manner of speaking but lots of knocking going on so it looks like I have to strip the engine out and fix a few things. And it's also got a cracked block with a leak

so it needs a new block to start with poor little tractor.

 I  will keep you up dated as I go along with it. Now to other Engineer1 stuff...

Charlie is now in red oxide and looks great. The Boss took it all back to metal and I painted it today.

and I think I told you I've got another 35 to do as well, so the Engineer1 is filling up nicely as you can see.

Thursday, July 10


by Engineer on Thu 10 Jul 2008 16:02 BST

Jeff .

Sorry about the blog people but Ive been a bit bizzy with things and stuff and engines and all sorts

at this moment in time and space I'm working on a TEF 20 diesel may be i should call it a TEF 10 because most of

it has worn away,  every single bearing and bush in the engine has worn away  and is totally dead, check out these

pictures the mains and big ends

here you go have a look at them all together

right what your looking at is, top row the first 3 on the left are the main bearings  base shells, see how they have worn more than the 3 below this is due to, one the weight of the diesel crankand the forces transmitted down the rods , and now for the 4 top right, the big end bearings as you can see there a bit dead to these work a bit different the worn ones are the top shells due to the massive pressure driving them down to rotate the crank these are some pictures of the crank big end journals they are a bit dark coz i was trying to highlight the journal so

you can see the scores

a bit ruff is an under statement anyway the crank has gone off for a regrind and will soon be back

any now for some strangeness diesels are not really known for eating pistons that normally a petrol engine thing

take a look at this

and below the piston in the engine just for scale

strange thing is the inside of the head is perfect and there are no scuffs on the sides of the piston ,that metal

went somewhere , its a good one , right back to things one of the other pots had a bit of water in it so one i will crack test the head just in case

valves , DO NOT do what someone did to this poor motor use a drill to grind in the valves coz you will only get this

see not good ,right I'm off ,more soon .

Tuesday, July 8

  Diesel Engine rebuild and Charlie Moves forward

by Engineer on Tue 08 Jul 2008 17:20 BST

We had one of those rare, quiet hours in the Engineer1 this morning with a few jobs waiting to be done but nothing urgent. Hamish finished minus straightening his tool-box (which got in the way of the low volume sprayer when his owner started to lift it up) and some new brackets - not able to start on Charlie till we heard back from his owner so Jeff collected up all his tools from all over the Engineer1 and got them into order again while I answered emails and dealt with the odd phone call.

It didn't last!  First a diesel engine arrived for a rebuild then we were told 'Yes, start work on Charlie!

For the rest of the day its been all hands on deck. Jeff started to strip down the diesel engine and in between issued instructions to me about Charlie. Jeff will of course do the technical stuff  but I, delighted to be out of the office and back on the shop floor, started on the partial dismantling of Charlie. Charlie is not having a full restoration, the engine, gearbox and differential are all in good condition, but will be thoroughly overhauled, serviced, tuned and repainted after being taken down to bare metal. He has been a working tractor since 1949 but, the owner believes, has always been, until recent years, well-maintained and kept under cover. His bonnet, though rusty and paintless in places is completely sound though the wings have collected moisture and mud at the base and will have new skins. 

Tomorrow the diesel engine's owner is arriving with another crankshaft. Jeff kept me entertained while I was working with his exclamations of shock and horror as he  discovered what awful things had happened inside the engine and rapidly announced the need for attention to the crankshaft. Luckily, the owner, anticipating this had one on standby.

Tomorrow I can look forward to another lovely, busy working-on-tractor day! >



Tuesday, July 1

  Yet another update on stuff and things

by Engineer on Tue 01 Jul 2008 15:35 BST

Hello again!  Yes, Jeff,  with yet another update on stuff and things around the Engineer1...

So, Hamish is now about done and being painted in classic Ferguson grey and it looks really nice for just a 'blow over'.  Quality even on a blow over . Here's a few pictures -

Next -hydraulic hoses are fun, there are so many different fittings and threads on these old Ferguson tractors !

Different fitters and engineers have gone from imperial to metric and some have gone back the other way and some  are just all sorts like this big pipe (4 meters).

for a trailer

And T bars, seems they are hard to come by. Good one anyway , I've seen some that I would have to think long and hard about using , so I made this one. Yes, its over engineered but you never know quite what people are going to try to do with them so mine are super strong as you can see by the pictures

heavy duty stuff

this is the catch as the gear is lifted the centre shaft operates the catch and the pin drops in and locks it

the ends machined from solid

and welded in

next,  Cat 1 weld on ends , or not welded on properly check theses pictures out

lack of prep and no penetration

I put a vernier on it so you can see the gap

compered to the arm thickness

just a couple of mill of weld each side holding it on , not good