Tanks and Starter Motors!

A 35 fuel tank came in to the workshop yesterday with a history of fuel blockages , it was delieved by the owner,I had to cut the bottom out of the tank to get at the rust inside the tank in two sections. The semi-solid deposits inside were rust  and a kind of tarry deposit that had settled in globules on the bottom together with other unidentifiable detritus. The interior, now accessible was cleaned with wire brush and emery paper  back to clean metal then I welded two new plates back in the bottom and filled it up with diesel.



It was left to develop any leaks if it was going to but it didn't’t!


I investigating Hamish’s strange behaviour. Hamish is in primarily to have his wiring made rat-proof but also because he had stopped running after having had some attention earlier from a third party tinkler ,which briefly seemed to have solved the problem, but ha ho if you are going to do a job, do it propley .


The first cause of not starting was that the distributor had lost the spring loaded carbon peg from the coil pick up in the middle of the cap which had sprung out at some time. After a new distributor head was fitted, Hamish started happily for two days running then refused to start with the starter motor sounding a bit odd.


There was a ‘short’ in it plus the play on the shaft is excessive. there where scuff marks on the armature because of the amount of movement.


I found out why there was so much end float on the shaft. A flat spring washer sits in the cap on the end of the shaft. At some point the washer had been replaced with a cir clip, I took one off an old starter and it all works quite nicely now,


right people Its gone five o’clock and its Friday so im going home .



Friday, May 23
  TEA 20

Site work is all ways fun wondering what you will find when you get there,

this job just being a service, I was looking forward to seeing how original this tractor was,

being an early petrol type TEA20,i was quite surprised when i got there ,it was in good condition, quite tidy for a Ferguson of its age

it had still got a upright oil filter on it

and a nice hitch on the back

Any way it was a non runner when I got there, so I got to getting it going ,

 before I changed anything ,it turned out it was firing to near to TDC (top dead centre) so I just knocked

the timing back a bit and away it went ,

Then I checked the cap, points, arm,leads, and stuff and things it needed all of the for mentioned bits

plus an oil change and a bit of fettling ,

there are a few other bits that have got to be done, half shaft bearings and seals and brakes, then it should be all fine and dandy for a few more years,

  Extreme fix cracked block

Check this out for an extreme fix on a cracked block,

Thats what i call bolted on, and it works not even a drop or drip anywhere,

Thursday, May 15
 Lifting Tractors

As you can see the front end of this tractor has a bit of a twist on its front axel, so all I done was took off one of the radius arms and turned the radius arm round refitted it to the axel, added an extra bit of leverage namely a bit of pipe to it and lifted, relying on the weight of the tractor to provide the leaverage. with a quick pull here and there it was done, I checked both sides the twist had disappeared altogether leaving both sides level and even!



The half shafts proved to be the most difficult ones I've ever seen in the workshop. Its usually the collars which are a pain to remove but these came off relatively easily after I drilled them and give them a quick crack,The bearings themselves, however, had rusted onto the shafts!, not a problem tho ,

then a replacement hydraulic pump cylinder was a right pain in the ass , there are different to the original ones although it was listed as an exact replacement!, , I thought about how he could get round the problems and eventually ending up modifying the fixings with a quick bit of drilling here and there it went together sweetly after that,


Getting the spring adjuster on the sensor control out was also a struggle. Even after I had welded flanges onto a rod to make a 'spanner' that fitted the 'star' profile, it still defied my efforts. Eventually the top cover casing held down,and a hydraulic jack supporting the 'spanner' and a bit of force it decided to give way, then desided to fight every last thread of every inch till it came off. The amount of rust that came out with the spring and sensor pin explained why the adjuster had been difficult to turn.

Wednesday, May 14
  Tractors rolling in!

I made some Ferguson wireing clips for the customer who's doing a full restoration on his tractor.then I decided, though to make some Lucas version of the clips as well. 

Steve went happily off on his new blue spod earlier this week

click the pic

 leaving a temporary space in the workshop

  Ferguson low volume sprayer

Well people its been a bit mad here what with one thing and another ,

Ive been doing all sorts of stuff and today Ive managed to finish the low volume sprayer which Ive been

working on if you've read the blog you will know Ive made a drive shaft and a few other bits for it



It started off life with the work shop many years ago and has just sat a round as you can see from the pictures

it wasn't pretty . but a rub down and a few coats of red oxide soon sorted that out

I had a few problems with the pump a few of the studs snapped and I had to drill them out and re-thread the holes

the cover plate was in not to bad condition seeings it seals the sides of the gears , the gasket has to be very thin

so if you do one of these make sure the mating surfaces are in good order,anyway I cleaned and checked the pump gears which were in good condition

quite a surprise for there age

The pipe work was fun, pipes all over the place

These are the tank to pump pipes and in the picture below the boom pipes are fitted to

One of the only things i had to do to the tank you can see behind the pump drive the welded on plate was another

drain , the problem was the normal one up on the right in the picture was totally dead, so I cut it out the spare and welded it

on in its place and plated over the old hole , then after fitting all the jets ( spray nozzles) I fitted the sprayer to DJ the

bosses tractor and filled the tank with water

Looks a bit good ,OK looking good is one thing working is another so here it is working

click the picture

I only had to check a couple of nozzels and the pump runs at 40 psi just like in the book

, And yes I had a play with it round the yard

All good fun ,


  Other bits we make,

Over time I've been making odds and sods for these tractors from bonnet stays to knobs for switches

bushes to drive shafts, now I've made some head light brackets and some standard cable clips for 1/2 inch

and 1/4 pipe which the lighting wires run through

these are unfinished and gives you a better idea how they are formed, and below are the head light brackets

And they sit nicely together to nice and straight

I've noticed some of these brackets have round corners and some have square,but I can make them either way