Tuesday, July 14

  Steering Box seals

by Engineer on Tue 14 Jul 2009 15:37 BST

These things are great fun to do , if you plan it right its simple , if you don't you can make a lot of work for your self , you should end up with the tractor looking like this when its removed

don't bother taking all the dash off , you don't need to , remove the gear lever 2 nuts and washers

remove the 4 bolts that hold on the steering colum , remove the 2 bolts at the base of the main frame behind the dash, remember to put tray under the tractor oil will come out of these 2 holes , remove all 14 bolts that hold the top cover on , lift up steering colum and slide out the steering box , simple

that's inside the gear box , see the colour of the oil , water and lots of it , bad

this is inside the main bell housing , that rod operates the starter

now the steering box drain out the rest of the oil and place upside down and remove any old gaskets from the faces

remove all the little screws and remove the bottom plate

yes i know Ive all ready done it in the pics , now move the arms so you can get at the 2 nuts and bolts , undo them and remove ,


is all good , right keep the bits handed ,

now you can see the seal , stick something in it and lever it out

now you can see the bush get each arm from the side it was removed and see what the fit is like , it needs to be silky

it its all over the place replace the bush ,

the seals , on the left the old seal and on the right the new ,( why don't they make the new seals look like the old ones )

right clean all the faces remember this thing holds oil , make new gaskets

see i can do it , now you have to put it all back together ............... bye ......... joking its easy reverse the order you carnt get the arms in the wrong place , just put them level when you drop the colum back in when you've done , have fun ............................. right run lads AND BACK TO BLOG DEC 2010 (HERE)

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Monday, July 13


  TEP HALFSHAFTS and Cheddar Gorge

by Engineer on Mon 13 Jul 2009 08:51 BST

Daisy May .  a TEF20 with TEP back end, and as you can see the half shafts are very different a lot more solid

a lot thicker in the main body ,someone as put on some secondary seals to try and stop oil leeks but this only works if the bearings are in pretty good order , those cap over the bearings are the seals  ,  have a look at these pics ,

you can really see the difference here

the one on the right is a Diesel shaft that as a 50mm gear head on it , these TEP shafts have 44mm

gear on the end ,

the one on the left is a standard shaft ,

and this is them all together , any way they have had there bearings and seals changed and have been refitted to day

and set up 10 thou between the tips , fun with shims and magnetic drop gadges . more on Daisy May tomorrow

And there is another Tractor in the Engineer1 for some work , wheel bearings , starter motor , carb , and a few other bits

as you can see the carb does leak a bit , it keeps flooding

and yes it still runs 6 volt electrics , if you can call them electrics have a look at the back of the dash

ha ha ha , no joke that's it , its got a control box down under the battery box but thats about all ,quite a tidy tractor

really ,


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Monday, July 6

  Tractor pick ups and steam rally

by Engineer on Mon 06 Jul 2009 18:08 BST

I was at the Heddington & Stockley Steam rally at the weekend


have a look at the blue wings on this ( Steve )

And for the 135 owners

And no show is complete with out one of these

And for those with loads of dosh ,

 The ROLLS ROYCE V12 MERLIN XX ,many years ago when i was a kid a spitfire used to fly over our estate from time to time , The sound of this engine does things to people, there are people out there who will know what Im on about the sound of one of these babys can make a grown man cry , as far as i know no one as ever put in to words the beauti and grace of this god like, master piece of Engineering , I am proud to say I have made parts and worked on them , The Stone Henge of Engines,

This ones out of a Bristol Beaufighter

I must say sorry to the nice chap who had his trailer restored , seems no one else noticed till i pointed out to him they did on have nylock nuts in them days , Ho well trust me , It was still a nice job tho , thanks for your time mate and the chat , And just for him his trailer

So there you go things and stuff ,now I need a coffee .


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Friday, July 3

  Daisy May the TEF

by Engineer on Fri 03 Jul 2009 21:50 BST

Well daisy Mays motor is back together now and refitted to the tractor, here are some more pics of odds and sods and a few bits of the tractors history ,

right the cranks had a regrind and is back with us .020 mains and .030 big ends

as you can see Ive already put the main bearings on , and Ive fitted the new rear crank seal

and the new liners are in the block ready

new pistons with rings and pins

want to see the old stuff

see them rings in front of the liners Warning do not mix them up they are machined as pairs ,and when you put them back in turn the bottom ring by 90* degree ,

ha ha ha them big ends are great , anyway now the motors built and back on and test run

and its all sweet and dandy now , funny over the years this tractor has had a hard life from chucking its cam chain

to snapping its front pin , poor thing belly flopped

And yes Ive made a new front pin for daisy

so their you have it ,

Wednesday, June 24

  Fender side light brackets

by Engineer on Wed 24 Jun 2009 13:04 BST

I came up with these so you can use the bolts that hold the fender skins on , saves drilling another

hole quite simple and look nice clean and tidy

See nice and neet

And it keeps the wires out the way

I think they are quite good if you have a mint tractor you dont want to drill holes in , gives a call if you want some .

>Monday, June 22

  Oil pumps

by Engineer on Mon 22 Jun 2009 18:14 BST

Oil pumps, be aware these can KILL your engine big time ,

Little story , a few months ago I rebuilt a TEF diesel motor , big ends ,mains , pistons, rings, liners,oil pump. stuff and things,

anyway everything was good Mr owner very happy with his tractor , he had got it back three weeks earlier and was running it and something happened !!!!!!!!!!!!!! .Anyway he phones in and says tractor made a real nasty noise and stopped dead, Ho,Isaid, shock horror, could I have dropped a round dangley thing ,  he explained what had happened , I asked him to bring it in , and told him i would stop what I was doing and find the problem there and then with him there , and that's what happened , he turns up with the tractor , so its off the trailer and in the Engineer1 , bonnet off , I TRIED to start it the poor starter motor , the motor was solid, so we stuck it in gear and pushed it backwards and forwards , nothing , so jacks went in under the front and I took the front end off , straight away , the timing case had a hole in it , on removing the case , we could see a problem the oil pump drive gear and the end of the shaft had come away and punched a hole in the case, strange i thought the only weight on the oil pump is the oil , So off came the rest of the pump , Bloody hell I said as i looked at the pump , I did feel sorry for the owner this tractor had been a pain in his neck since he had it , and now this , a problem, was not his fault , was not mine either , its a makers problem , anyway a few phone calls later to some very nice people and they picked up the tab for the mans motor rebuild , one really happy owner, have a look at these pictures

see the hole on the left

Poor little engine , and this was the problem the pump !

The pin had come out and locked up the pump

want to see a baked conrod

and the big end bearing , don't laugh i had to chisel them off the crank

And then get the shells off the rods

So there you can see what happens when your oil pump goes pop or snap .

Thursday, June 18

Daisy motor Update

by Engineer on Thu 18 Jun 2009 12:11 BST

As you will know from yesterday Daisy's motor is off and being striped out , well now striped out

and as I thought the mains are shot and the big ends, the crank needs a regrind so that's being picked up tomorrow

it should be back done to .020 big ends and mains , which is all good

Have a look at the state of the big ends

and close up

and another

and yet another

Well more when the crank comes back,

Wednesday, June 17

  Daisy and Wellie the diesel`s

by Engineer on Wed 17 Jun 2009 15:48 BST

Right , ,

Wellie came in for Half shafts , normal new bearings, seals, and reset, and its brakes to be relined and set up and balanced, front wheel bearings  and the fuel system cleaned out , and just a quick tweak , then a quick blast with the pressure washer ,

pressure washers and old paint don't really go together

they tend to blast off the paint if you get to close

any all went well and Wellie was delivered back to its owner yesterday morning

seems he was very pleased with the tractors brakes ,cool another happy costumer.

Daisy may . to give it its full name, seems to have a bit of a problem with her motor

main bearings, big ends ,normal test sump off put a bar between the fly wheel and press down on the bar ,

nicely, does it put a dial gadge on the flywheel and watch how much the flywheel lifts

mills is bad ,ha ha ha ,any way I took the motor off and started to strip it out

diesel`s are ok but you have to take the whole motor apart to get the crank out

not an easy job , these motors are not light , and the crank comes out the fly wheel end of the block

pics of that later ,

anyway this is how it looks now ,

The bell housing

you can see the oil coming from the rear crank seal

And the front end , cam chain and wheels

So there you go , other stuff Dj`s heads been skimmed and ready

Seems it might have a cracked liner tho so thats next on that

And ive got this in to play with its not grey but it soon will be ha ha ha ,

Friday,June 12

  Charlies loader

by Engineer on Fri 12 Jun 2009 16:51 BST

Well people this is what Charlies loader looks like fitted ,

I had a little bit of fun with the connectors , this loader had never been fitted to this tractor so I had to do a few things

on site , but nothing I could not handle

And guess what it all worked lovely , ha ha ha hell im good , ha ha ha  Ho well

Good I think

even looks good from the other side

Well people its friday and im off be good and if you break your fergi give us a ring 01692 500821coz we are good

ha ha ha well we are! its what we do . later

Friday, June 5

Thursday, May 28

  Hello again

by Engineer on Thu 28 May 2009 14:32 BST

Well , things have been happening around here , anyway here's a picture up date i think its the fastest way to bring you up to speed , I will start with . A spud planter

The box was easy I rolled steel bar into the edges to stiffen it up and cut out and re-made the tray bottom

Then did some work on the main frame , turned out this planter was three different planters thrown together

so I had to re-design it and make it all work properly , good fun,

The top part of the frame comes from the planter with the long shelf across the top

so with a few mod`s it now holds the box nicely

that seat mount was a double to start with but with a quick cut and shut it works

putting the shoots through the box is easy IF you mark it up right

And now for a mill loader with a few problems as you will see " A bodge is an understatement "

check this out joins at there best ,

don't you just love it , and the other side

The main frame was just as good

yes that weld cuts in, any way after i ground it all out and re-welded it then plated it

i had a nice main frame you can see the new plate work on the joint ,

the catch had to go it didn't work properly the lever points where all wrong so I made a new one

the problem you have is moving that pin with the bucket full , and that brings me to the bucket

was rusty and worn out , and so I made this one

ho yes , I had some 6mm checker plate so I saved the man some money

then the front fork i started with this

Nice and the bucket was the same state , and the fork ended up like this

I'm so bad , OK fairly good , it what i do ,

now for the tricky bits these little suckers , The rams the seals had gone and they had filled

up with water , you can see the water level mark ,

so after hunting down some rams ,to do the job I then had to make them fit cutting off the ends

and making them shorter and getting the stroke right was all good fun , I used push pull rams just in case

in future the own wanted to power the main frame down to , anyway these are the rams i made up

so their you have it , other stuff Ive been doing re-building carbs and distributor's from Canada

s/steel choke rods with brass knobs , more half shafts , and re-built a T bar

well thats it , for now , A part from saying Hi to all my hippy friends , il see you lot at Essex gathering on Sunday , Then, Hello, To South Wales, il be down there in the week , And then off to the strawberry fair at Cambridge next weekend, ul and coltishall fun day this weekend, 30th

So its all a bit mad, ha ha ha, that's the way it goes ,

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong

by Engineer on Wed 21 Jan 2009 19:59 GMT

Thursday, January 8

  Damn truck!

by Engineer on Thu 08 Jan 2009 18:43 GMT


This is Charlie loaded onto the truck ready to go back tomorrow morning. And why is the bonnet of the truck open? Not because we’ve been checking the oil/ screen washer etc. we did all that first thing this morning. No- it is open because having run without trouble for months the truck has suddenly decided at this incredibly inconvenient moment to throw a wobbly. I could see Jeff listening intently as he backed the truck in. Then he shouted something which I couldn’t hear, then he got out of the truck and opened the bonnet and peered inside. Then he reached in and found the fan belt was extremely loose, got a light, disappeared under the truck, came out and reported that the gas strut which keeps the tension on the fan belt was detached from its fixing. So, a  phone call to Charlie’s owners who have been, through all the delays (Charlie was due back home a number of weeks ago) extremely fore-bearing for which we are very grateful, to say that if we can get the truck repaired by a sensible time tomorrow then they will see Charlie tomorrow otherwise it will be next week. I’m pretty cross about it not least because its one more job for Jeff who already has more than enough to do.



He’s got Horrace’s engine running today… doesn’t sound absolutely brilliant but Horrace only has to be able to do a short run at the end of the month for a very special occasion and should manage that all right.


The parts department is having a reshuffle to make more shelf space available. Dave S. is really good at organising parts and parts areas and has been working towards this move round for some time. Jeff felt that the organisation of parts by numbers meant a confusing mix of parts and demanded that new parts were grouped together according to the part of the tractor. Dave and I started off thinking that it was recipe for disiater but actually it makes a lot of sense and now we can walk straight up to the relevant shelf and find the required part easily (apologies for doubting you, Jeff!)& (I should know by now that his ideas are almost always pretty sensible!)


I will have a no alcohol / early to bed night tonight anyway in the hopes of its being possible to drive Charlie back tomorrow as planned, even if setting off a bit later than I prefer to do.



Wednesday, January 7

bsp; A new year

by Jeff on Wed 07 Jan 2009 10:31 GMT

Hello you lot out there , as you know Ive had the dreaded flu thing that's been going around ,i still seem to have a bit of it
but work must go on ,As you can see below the paint on the bonnet and wings came out nicely and the graffics look good to, so the 154 Leyland is done and did its bit pulling Santa around on a trailer over Christmas , and will soon be back in to be rewired .

No this is not Santa , This is Dave the owner .

 Charlie the Grey Ferguson is looking pretty cool and runs like a dream and starts and fires up on to a tick over like you wouldn't believe , This is just a quick recap of the tractor when it came in to how it is now ,
The left side

The right side

The back end

The strip out

And how it looks now

And a little video for you to look at .Just double click the little picture below



by Engineer on Mon 15 Dec 2008 18:55 GMT

Last week Hamish went home. and behaved following a bit of work putting some bits right .



Friday, November 21

  Charlie and Leyland up date

by Jeff on Fri 21 Nov 2008 12:56 GMT

So here we go - Charlie is now about 95% done just a few bits to go As you can see Charlie is really taking shape, nice new tyres and paint and its still got its little dents and little quirks because that's what the owner wanted , 

all nicely wired and tidy

below a  vapormatic manifold made at loddon just down the road around 1949 - 1950

 and this below is an ammeter which was to small for its hole in the dash so i had a bit of fun on the lathe making a little insert out of an old piston top

and the poor old piston that gave its head for the job , waste not want not

now the little blue leyland which again is connected to Ferguson  through its design team , Ferguson , Fordson , Leyland , all connected proper little family any this is how it looks at the moment , the rad has been off and recored

bonnet in oxide read and the rear fenders

all ready to go back in to Leyland blue and it now turns out Ive got the front and rear wheel bearings to do on it as well
so more to come soon