Tuesday, September 30

  Carburetter problems

by Engineer on Tue 30 Sep 2008 10:53 BST

Hello, Jeff, with more stuff for you to ponder,

People seem to be having a few problems with there carb`s lately , and with alot of them i can see why ,
ham fisted adjustments , have a look at this for an example

I think it all went a bit wrong , never mind , its nothing i carnt sort out ,
by the way the screw above is out of the later 24t carb the earlier one had a solid end in the picture below
 you can see the two screws together

the one on the left is out of a straight petrol the one on the right is out of a TVO , I had to make another one
of the one on the left because we needed one for Charlie which has just been converted back to straight petrol
have a look

I had to make a seat cutter first to sort out the seat in the carb , then make the screw to suit and any one who
is after the thread size, its 5/32 and 32TPI , so what makes people gives these adjusters so much grief 
this is what Ive worked out from what i can see, No1,  it goes like this where this adjuster screw goes in to the carb there is a collar with a leather seal inside petrol starts to leak out around the edge of the screw someone tightens up the seal nut
with a spanner the seal clamps the screw really tight , time passes then someone comes along to adjust it for some
reason grabs hold of the little thumb wheel finds it wont move by hand and gets a pair of grips on it and with the lack of feel the grips give windes it into the stop trashing the end , instead of undoing the nut then adjusting it ,
No2, the blokes a idiot and should not be left alone with a dead brick,

so people just undo the seal nut and save your self some trouble ,

 AND NOW , from one extreme to another , one of the chaps that comes into the Engineer1 said he had to say
 a slight problem...... guess what this is

I was so impressed........ got it yet ..... another pic

still not got it

one of his half shafts , totalled ,took the end right off and the diff  lived on

this is a picture of a picture he had with him , so i went to work striped out an old shaft we had on the shelf fitted
a new seal and bearing and its waiting for him to pick up

All good fun and yes it shows these old greys do still work very hard

Friday, September 26

nbsp; Updated by Jeff The Engineer Bloke

by Engineer on Fri 26 Sep 2008 16:48 BST

Hello its me again Jeff.
Sorry about the blog Ive been a bit bizzy , and its been a bit mad here , another two tractors in for hydraulics work
bent control valves and worn and bent top link censors

just a bit rusty

Its got a bend and twist I can see why the blokes gear kept hitting the deck

 all add to the fun and puzzles of whats going on with these poor old things . right lets get you all up to speed on stuff , the diesel engine i was working on is OK but I'm not really happy with it , I tried to save the chap a bit of money against my judgement , I recommended new pistons , rings , and liners ,
I try to hone out the liners as much as i could , the main problem is with this is that new rings are a lot stronger and will not tolerate bores with the slightest oval in them , I did a compression test and they where well down , it runs but like i said I'm not happy with it , anyway a different story with the motor on charlie that's the one in red oxide its had a quick engine test it now fires up lovely , and has been converted back to petrol , higher compression better bang more power , this below is Charlies first test run its not very long but just long enough to make sure it runs and oil is
reaching the top of the motor

click the pic below

 This time if you remember it seemed to be lack oil some what at the top
See what I mean

Now Ive just got to strip off the bits again and put it all back together , back soon,>

Wednesday, September 10

  Spill timing,

by Engineer on Wed 10 Sep 2008 12:27 BST

Hello again Tractor folk, Jeff again with more stuff,

spill timing is not a black art its just fluid mechanics and timing, IE, when the pump opens and closes its ports to let diesel in to its pump chambers timing one of these old TEF`S is a lot easier when the engine is off the tractor as you will see , when the engine is off the tractor you can see the flywheel if you look around the machined edge of the wheel you will see one arrow, this lines up on the block with another arrow to give you top dead centre ( TDC )

At this point you go round to the other end of the engine and set up the cam timing don't for get to find a way to adjust the cam chain tension

have a look at his picture from the Manuel

remember this these marks are only for reference always check to see if things are where they should be, the only thing you are doing at this time is setting the cam timing  any way after you have done this an easy little check stick 2 push rods in to there holes for No 1 and do the same on No 4 then rock the crank backwards and forwards No 1s push rods should sit still and No4s should move up and down , DO NOT GO WACKING THE CRANK AROUND FULL TURN , just in case you've got it wrong, now the pump put the crank back to TDC IE the 2 arrows then fit a dial gauge to the end of the crank

 and turn it back about 40* degrees then move it to 32* degrees taking up any slack ( there is a hole drilled through the case in to the fly wheel at 30* degrees so you know your in about the right place

i do prefer the gauge anyway

then go to the pump and remove the top of No 1 out put and remove the spring and valve

then put the top back on and fit a old injector pipe with the end cut off

check that the default marks are in line

connect some sort of tank with diesel in it turn it on and press in excess fuel button now remove the inspection cover

on the side of the pump . now put some tape around the end of the shaft then look at the end of the shaft there should be a dot turn it to the top , turn it anti clock wise till fuel comes out of the pipe then clock wise till the fuel just comes to a drip


then just a touch till it just stops

put in the centre splinie device and rotate the engine the fuel will start to flow and as No 1 comes back again watch the fuel and the gauge the fuel should cut off at 32* BTDC if it does your done put the rest of the bits back on and away you go

Friday, September 5

  Liner retainers

by Engineer on Fri 05 Sep 2008 17:09 BST

Hello its Jeff again,

Liner retainers on diesels they come in pairs , they are machined as such and have to go in the right way round


linner seat

unlike the motor I'm building at the moment they where in all over the place ,

these things go in one way they have a flat face and a tappered face and they fit together ,

lets say we where taking a motor apart and we take out the liner retainers out of No1 pot keep these two rings together with a bit of tape or wire anything will do , anyway you do the same with all the pots marking them as you go, so now when you have done all the bits you need to do put them back in start with the ring without the gap in it you can see the witness mark of the cut away in the block turn the mark 90` degrees from where it sat before , now for the top ring the give away is the dowel slot the hole faces up at you , be careful though some are drilled right through

 if so look at the end of the slot at the face very carefully

 you will see a slight angle on one face , this face goes down in to the block

this is wrong

this is right

see they fit together these rings don't just retain the liners they clean the carbon off the top outer edges of the piston and if they are put in wrong you will see the results on the piston and it clamps the top ring, so there you go be careful ,

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Thursday, September 4

nbsp; Charlie TEA20 Engine

by Engineer on Thu 04 Sep 2008 12:36 BST

Hello you lot, Jeff back again,

Well Charlies engine is about done and ready to put back on ,

Away after sorting out a few odds and sods I timed up the cam  and things ,

set to No1 pot

And just in case anyone needs to know pop out No1 plug, get your self a 6mm bar I use my cross head screwdriver which I know is 6mm and look at the front face of the bell housing the little hole

stick it in there, you will feel the flywheel back face it has 4 holes in it so be careful you need the one for No1 pot now turn the engine over with a spanner till the rod,screwdriver, or what ever your using goes in to the hole on the flywheel , TDC  right now line up the marks put your cam chain on remembering which way the engine turns that side must be the tight side of the chain  put any slack the other side the when you turn the crank the marks will stay in line , then set the points just opening on No1 and away you go . then I fitted the flywheel and clutch

see i got a bit lost going on about timing and stuff

Right where was I , Charlies engine, putting it back on,

yes right a got a old sump and dropped it on the jig and slid it up to the gear box and set the hight and angle

then i got the engin lift and put charlies engine back on to the truck on the jig and then,

I did a bit of video click the pic below

So there you go, the motor is back on ,and im off to do some work on it ,

PS,some more pics of old tractors from one of my trips out

cool , old iron,

Tuesday, September 2

Ive been a bit bizzy

by Engineer on Tue 02 Sep 2008 17:02 BST

Hello you lot, its me again Jeff

Well what can I say Ive been a bit bizzy doing all sorts of stuff all over the place ,

Ive got a couple of engines to do a petrol / tvo conversion motor in bits that Ive got to rebuild and convert back to petrol just a straight forward job. just a carb and ignition set up after the build

the second a diesel that's now got a new block as its old one was a right state with a full spider wed thanks to some one centre doting the core plugs in , any way here's some pictures of what Ive been up to , along with a few lines

first a nice little alternator conversion I also rewired the tractor and  did the half shaft bearings and seal ,relined the brakes and  recentered them in the brake drums  then set and balanced them , then set the carb up ,

 anyway then i went out to look at a couple of old Ferguson greys and came across this lot and these are only some of the old tractors

with a nice mid mounted mower

a big old major with a hell of a crane for a tractor

and this

and this

and hiding under a sheet this

then I started to build charlies engine

after sorting out this lot, and putting in new base seals and liners

pistons , rings , pins ,

big ends , mains , thrust plates and stuff and things

and oil pump rotor and shaft

and governor weights and plate and chain

I will add the rest of what Ive been upto tomorrow

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