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I thought I would start this page purly on the bases that where ever I go ,a little Grey Tractor will be there somewhere ,

and then to day I was looking at a New Zealand 5 dollar bank note, and there it was sure enough a little grey Ferguson

The note, featuring Sir Edmund Hillary on the obverse (front), has one of the tractors from the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition in the background at the bottom-left corner of the note, turns out a fleet of seven Ferguson TE-20s were used on the 1955-59 Commonwealth Trans-Antartic Expedition . Four petrol engined and three diesel models were used. Some were supplied as half-tracks , with steerable front skis, whilst others of the New Zealand team were fitted with an extra wheel on each side and full catapillar tracks , developed by the expedition in the Antarctic. In both cases, the track kits were easily removable and in light conditions the tractors were used on standard wheels and tyres. A canvas cabin was added for windproofing. Other than this, the tractors were totally standard- two were even fitted with a standard farmyard hydraulic front-loader for loading and unloading supplies. Reports were made at regular intervals to the Ferguson company and these show the tractors to have been reliable and effective- being capable of climbing a 1-in-7 slope of 'hard polished ice where a man cannot walk without crampons ', as well as operating in conditions of -10 degrees fahrenheit . Under Sir Edmund Hillary these tractors were driven to the South Pole, becoming the first vehicles to be driven to the pole, and the first overland journey to the pole since Captain Scott. The tractors were left at the pole for the use of American researchers. One of the tractors used by Hillary's party was later repatriated to New Zealand and is on display along with other British Trans Antarctic Expedition vehicles in the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch, New Zealand. so there you go , any way let me know if you find any old Fergusons in strange places and send me some pics and I will put them up on the site , Ps , I have seen them with trees growing in to them ,