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Cumbria 2010


Ive been away doing a bit of walking ,climbing , exploring , and just taking pictures of stuff and things , it started out first week North West Coast of Scotland and a few Islands , but it wasnt meant to be most places we wanted to go were cut off with snow and ice , unpassable roads so plans changed,

The Cumbrian Mountains sounds a bit tame ,Not so fast , the mountain still snow and ice covered will kill you soon as look at you ,

be in the wrong place at the wrong time and you get more than trouble ,the weather on top of these mountains changes in minutes,

one minute you can see for miles,

next minute you cant see your hand in front of your face ,

and yes it did nearly get us once we were just luck it didnt snow 2/3s of the way up Skiddaw 931 meters of its Ice covered ass , from the right hand side up from Skiddaw House after walking the high path between Blencathra - saddleback and lonscale fell and burnt horse and going straight up the side of it, very steep covered in ice and frozen snow,then when the cloud came down like 10 ton of lead, the wind got up and the temperature dropped so fast it was like being in a blast freezer ,

lets just say you learn very fast not to take any chances with anything ,when in doubt you get the hell off the mountain , any way over the two weeks we did 7 or 8 peaks ,This is from the top of Little Man, that down there is Derwent Water

walking to and from all of them and got back each night well after dark , with a few well earned drinks and dinners in the Dog n Gun in Keswick

we walked around the Derwent Lake only to find the bridges where all gone ,washed away in the floods or out of action due to flood damage ,which means you have to 3 and half miles and cross the A66 road bridge , we tended to average 12 to 20 mile round walks, and met some lovely people along the way , people that strangly enough have time for a nice chat a couple of thousand feet up a ice and snow covered mountain , very nice in deed,

right im going to put this bit in here , Right who thinks there fit ? yer , Im pritty fit , and I know some very fit people , well thought I did , AFTER slogging three quarters of a mile up a mountain side you sit back and have a break , you look down where you climbed up only to see this little speck run out of the woods and come running up the side of the mountain , FELL RUNNERS , Jesus fuc...kin christ , How fit , you sit there with your mouth open wide , no words coming out , He fuc...kin smiled and "Said" good mornning as he ran by off up the mountain , I wanted to throw rocks at him ha ha ha ha , no not really , Just TOTAL RESPECT first class ,

Anyway heres a few more pictures,

I took loads more pictures , these just give you some idea of the beauty of the lakes and mountains