This is my other half Suzanne,

 we’ve been together about 2 and a half years now ,she’s a very funny lady ,does the nuttiest things when you least expect it , has me in stitches at times , Suzanne is a strange one if I say so my self ,she runs on some sort of nuclear power hardly ever sleeps and she is always doing something or other,  clever as you like used to run a hematology lab , knows every thing there is to know about that red stuff and other clever things ,she even knows stuff about toughened glass of all things , knows about gardens, plants , veg , tractors , horses , art , history and all sorts and is an out and out book worm ,a right clever clogs , shes not keen on heights tho which i find very strange, as she climbs mountains in the snow and ice in winter , I took this picture of Suzanne and Jess our Collie at the top of Blencathra in January

very cold and windy, even Jess had her coat on ,

Down there below the clouds is Keswick and Castlerigg


And this is me


this below is where Suzanne is in the pic above ,at the top , a cracking view of the lakes and other mountains around,

a bit of wild camping below

far to cute for her own good ,

Green fingers

And when she dont like something like the local council wasting money she give local MPs hell ,This is just a few weeks letters

I took this picture of Suzanne early on a January 2010 morning at Avebury , it was a magical moment she seem to stop time everything just went quiet ,

And this is Suzanne is just being .......... Suzanne


And this is Jess our wonderful collie,


she is about 14 and a half now which makes her about a 100 and odd in dogs years, she’s still a puppy in side , Jess has a neat trick  and I still haven’t figured out how she does it , she can find a stick anywhere including the most impossible places , like the top of Skidaw a mountain  3 feet of snow on the ground nothing but white snow for miles around , we sit down to look at the view , next minute Jess turns up with a bloody stick , and we still have no idea where she got it from.