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This is Charlie it came in to the workshop at the Tractorbit Workshop look a bit sorry for its self to say the least, I took a few pics while it was still on the lorry , poor thing , anyway it was soon unloaded and was soon striped out and the job of taking it back to the metal was started , have a look , and by the way getting 50 year old paint off is not as easy as you think even with todays kit,

It was a bit of a state


I like to get them in to red oxide before I do anything else to them , one its cleaner and to you havent got bits of rust falling into bits when you open it up,

Ha ha ha ha I dident say you carnt have rust falling out of them ,

want to know something really silly , when we got it off the truck a had a 5 minute play , cleaned the plugs and point checked the oil, a bit of fuel and a battery on it and started it up , yes the bloody thing ran like that for a few minutes , lets see a moden car or tractor do that , WHAT DID YOU SAY SIR YOUR COMPUTERS ARE DEAD, WHAT YOUR IGNITER BOX DONT WORK............................. SHIT. one of them cost more than this tractor ha ha ha ha , anyway more pics

Ok the engine was rebuilt by a prat at sometime as you can see ,

and you can see I even relined the brake shoes , so I had to totaly rebuild the engine as well , all good fun.


And now in to Classic Ferguson Grey,

See that bloke in the background there thats Steve , there is a saying , it does not matter how much you polish a turd it will always be shit , (excuse the french ) its not there fault, Anyway as that saying goes. NOT SO , that bloke can take a bit of rusty Ferguson and polish it back in to a usable part , some how he can polish metal back on , its very strange I know some of the bits ive given him to clean for me and I have to look twice at them when I got them back ,





So there you have it Charlie , By the way the bits about the loader and the buckets are in the blog pages, yes I did that too and made the bucket.