My Work

These are just a few of the things ive done or had a hand in,

and as you will see throughout the site I do loads of other stuff too

1260GSXR Special, The Black One in the middle is mine and I did the one on the left too .


Building custom streetfighters , This was a right off till I got it in the motoliner and give it a bit of stress in the right places,

then I did the modifications to the rear sub frame to kick the back end up .

This Z1000 has a Blade front end and a XJR1200 rear end in it ,most people just whack different wheels in and hope they line up , warning just because the chain lines up does NOT mean the wheels are in line , different wheels have different offsets .its the centers of the wheel that matters NOT the chain.

Moto liner engineer


Building custom precharged rifles

Race bike prep, This ZX6R I did for motorcycle racer magazine as part of one of there projects , to take a right off and build a racer

And Ray Stringer rode it in the British 600 supercup series.

This Fireblade you can see the front wheel is at least 100mm to the left of center , rule, dont highside your fireblade they dont like it , and it hurts too

working on steam cars

Mods to 4x4 motors